Smaller Work Spaces Will Be Trend Of 2014

Construction the Minnetonka Medical Center on Hwy. 7 aligns with expected commercial trends, real estate experts say. Photo: BDH + Young, Tweet With technology quickly changing how people work together, one of the major commercial real estate trends of 2014 will be a push by building owners and corporate tenants to remodel and reconfigure their spaces, a pair of Twin Cities experts predicted. Also likely to dominate the coming year is a continued boom in apartment construction and more new development in the medical office sector. Richard Keller, a first vice president in the Bloomington office of CBRE, and Julie Wischnack, community development director for the city of Minnetonka , spent the past year watching commercial real estate trends play out from the private and public sectors respectively and seeing some sure bets move forward into 2014. One they both mentioned is the reconfiguring of offices to keep up with new paperless environments, which have had the effect of reducing space requirements for individual workstations and instead emphasizing open, collaborative areas within offices. This is a fundamental shift from the traditional formula in which office workers have been assigned around 225 square feet for individual work stations and is causing corporate tenants to rethink their space needs, Keller said. The trend of space optimization, or space compression, will really be coming to the forefront this year, he said. Its the goal of every business to become as cost efficient as they can be without creating an uncomfortable environment for their employees. The ratio of square footage per employee is quickly coming down, aided by advances in wireless technology and a preference by younger workers to work in team settings. There are lot of companies that want to break [the] 200-square-foot barrier and get down to about 150, he said. Meeting this new goal will require many office buildings to make major modifications a trend thats evident in Minnetonka, Wischnack said. Were seeing a lot of commercial reinvestment, a lot of office remodeling projects going on, she said. The seems to be pretty strong going into the new year. Hot projects In terms of construction, the trends are clearly indicating more multifamily housing and medical office projects. Despite the addition of thousands of apartment units to the Twin Cities market in recent years, vacancies have remained low and rents have kept rising because of a seemingly insatiable demand. Wischnack pointed to a proposal from Carlson Real Estate Co. and Trammell Crow to build a 175-unit luxury apartment complex on a 12-acre site north of the Carlson Towers at the Interstate 494/394 cloverleaf in Minnetonka as evidence. Depending on the citys approval process, that project could be underway by spring or summer. Meanwhile, the western suburb has become a hot spot for medical offices, including the 63,000-square-foot Minnetonka Medical Center, which broke ground in September and will be anchored by a North Memorial Medical Center clinic. Hennepin County Medical Center is also studying the possibility of a satellite clinic at Excelsior Boulevard and Shady Oak Road, and medical office developer the Davis Group is constructing another medical building to be anchored by Minnesota Eye Consultants. Colliers International reported late in the year that it was tracking about 700,000 square feet of medical office space currently under construction in the Twin Cities market, thanks mainly to strong demand from investors, who consider it a safe long-term real estate play.
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Trend Report: A Day in the Life of a Person Who Eats Food in 2014

2013-12-31-IMG_1476RS.jpg and Hardy's began switching out toward fresh-baked buns in an effort to produce a higher quality of product. For an additional fee, customers have the choice of a fresher component rarely available in the fast-food scene. The idea behind fast food is that you don't have the time for a sit-down restaurant or to prepare it yourself. You're in a rush and there's no other options other than fast food then the option of a fresher ingredients is appealing. The biggest change, however, came from the fact that fast-food,2817,2428758,00.asp behemoth McDonald's began testing a Build-Your-Own-Burger concept at a couple of their stores across the U.S. Customers can now build their own burger at a fixed price (though bacon is extra). This gave customers the possibly of an even more hands-on experience in creating their burgers. Places like Five Guys, Pie-o-logy and Chipotle have been in the customization business for quite a while and McDonald's BYOB tablets seem to not only offer that service, but also allow for a speedier customer-restaurant transaction process. Craft beers have also been making headlines as they've become easier and easier to find every day. With chains like Chipotle adding craft beers to many locations toward the end of 2012 and early 2013. It seems 2014 could be the missing link that finally incorporates drinking and fast food . We've spent our entire childhoods with either soda or chocolate milk as the only options when eating at a fast-food establishment. With craft beers on the rise, they're no longer a small niche for beer enthusiasts but a viable pairing for those who enjoy a drink with their meal, expanding the relationship between brewers and fast-food, fast-casual chains. The concept of chasing trends,a la Starbucks developing their Duffin, the chain's own variation of the cronut and Subway's conception of their creamy Sriracha sauce , are only the first steps in fast-food chains stepping out of their comfort zones and following popular food fads.-- Peter Pham _______________ Designer and Gourmet Food Courts The word is out. Chicago's Eataly is an enormous success.Metropolitan Americans have grown tiresome of tracking down food innovation (see: the demise of food trucks mentioned earlier), but the thought of being able to choose among a dozen food and beverage vendors all located in one place simply sounds glorious. In theory, gourmet food courts work for chefs and restaurateurs in all stages of their careers. For upcoming chefs and restaurateurs, this provides them with a standalone-ish location that requires less overhead costs in comparison to opening a restaurant, thanks in part to the smaller kitchen, smaller staff, community seating, etc. In comparison to a food truck -- you don't have to pay for gas and completely rely on your social audience and catering for revenue streams. Plus, you also have an actual address and the potential for "walk-in" discovery. For the more experienced, these stations/modules/counters allow for either increased experimentation OR the ability to sell popular niche foods to more of the masses. For example, your restaurant is famous for the burger. Guess what? The burger that you're locally famous for is now available in more of a QSR format. Otherwise called the diversification of revenue streams. We haven't begun to list the full set of pros and cons of gourmet food courts, BUT it is our belief that the American public is primed to support such ventures. So who's going to be the Roy Choi of the new food court model? Only time will tell. -- Geoff Kutnick _______________ Craft Soda Will Actually Mean Something to People in 2014 If you haven't heard about craft soda in 2012 and 2013, expect it to be in your ear for 2014. Craft soda's popularity throughout 2013 was still in its infancy when juxtaposed with how craft beer took the main stage within the beer vertical. As mantras such aslocal,naturalandartisancontinue to catch consumer attention, such adjectives will begin finding their way into our soda consumption. Alongside reportsthat Diet soda sales have fallen nearly 7 percent in the past year, indicating soda drinkers are growing skeptical of diet soda's healthy claims. Finally the under-21 set can get its time in the hipster spotlight. -- Elie Ayrouth _______________ Moar Frankenfoods Call it a hybrid, mash-up, concoction, what-have-you; bizarre, buzz-worthy food combinations aren't going anywhere. Earlier this year, Science Daily reported the reason we seem to love putting fried chicken in waffles and bacon on doughnuts is we're secretly all binge-eating fatsos, which could very well be true. Or it could just be that these kung pao pastrami, cronut-y combos are the only ones worth tweeting about, and will continue to be the only ones worth tweeting in the coming year, particularly from the fast food/QSR set (read more about that under "fast-casualification").-- Dominique Zamora _______________ Moar Single-Item Restaurants Why sweat over a hard-to-read menu with tons of different choices when you can dine at a place that has one really kick-butt dish? Single-item restaurants are trends that look to fill a specific niche int he stomachs of foodies. Places like Sprinkles and Bo Nuage are a quick fix for those who are looking to satisfy their craving for sweets without having to pour over the menu as a line builds up behind them. Establishments that cater to peanut butter, waffles and meatloaf lovers now exist. There's even a place in the world for a taquitos-only menu. Customers with a specific taste and appetite can enjoy a plethora of dishes focused around a core item. Another forerunner is the advent of the grilled cheese restaurants. Places like The Grilled Cheese Spot take one dish, or sandwich, and allows a customer to create their own signature dish while keeping the grilled cheese theme. Customers at The Melt are able to order ahead of time online and check in via QR code immediately avoiding long waits thanks to indecisive patrons. Single-item eateries not only have become a fresh new concept, but it takes away from all the clutter of multi-item menus and allows for more creativity to be put into a single item. With a restaurant packed with so many different dishes, no one wants to be told they ran out of ingredients for their order.
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Chiefs, Ryan Succop need to kick trend of missed playoff field goals

The No Punt Game. The North End Zone. David Glass, particularly the early years. Sirr Parker. Free throws against Syracuse. We can go on, of course. DAVID EULITT | The Kansas City Star Kansas City Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop (6) missed this 41-yard field goal wide right at the end of regulation against the San Diego Chargers in NFL action on December 29, 2013 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA. The Chargers went on to win, 27-24. Poll: How concerned are you about the Chiefs' kicking game heading into Saturday's playoff game? Not at all; Chiefs have got this Somewhat; The history is ugly A lot; Chiefs are doomed Your vote has been counted, thank you for voting. The Chiefs returning to the playoffs against the Colts is just an unnecessary reminder of a larger, infuriating, defeating trend that cant be ignored after Ryan Succop missed what wouldve been the game-winning field goal at the end of regulation Sunday in San Diego. That was an important kick, Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub said Wednesday. He knows he needs to get everybodys confidence back. He needs to make a bunch of kicks in a row now. And these ones coming up in the playoffs are critical. Succop, who has been with the Chiefs longer than all but nine of his teammates, becomes one of the franchises most important players based on circumstance, position, and trend. This trend was set way back in 1971, when Hall of Famer Jan Stenerud missed three of four field goals in a double-overtime Christmas Day playoff loss to the Dolphins that still stands as the longest game in NFL history. At the time, the Chiefs were just two years removed from their Super Bowl championship but in retrospect, it sure set a distinct trend that is older than Oklahoma Joes ribs, Garozzos spiedini, and even Arrowhead Stadium: The Chiefs will break your heart in the playoffs, usually with the kickers missing. Part of this, of course, is that kickers make easy targets in football. But a lot of it is that Chiefs kickers, in particularly, have made themselves easy targets in Kansas City. Since the Super Bowl win after the 1969 season, the Chiefs are 3-12 in the playoffs with their kickers making just 12 of 25 field-goal tries. In the years since last winning a playoff game after the 1993 season the 20-year anniversary is Jan. 16, if you want to plan a party the Chiefs are 0-6 in the playoffs with their kickers making just three of nine attempts. Included, of course, is The Lin Elliott Game, which infuriated Derrick Thomas so much he vowed to kick his (rear) on a radio show. Thomas threat was much more sympathetic than what Elliott heard from a lot of Chiefs fans. Elliotts misses they came on a night the wind chill dipped to 15 degrees below zero overshadowed the fact that the Chiefs turned it over four times. The game still boils blood around Kansas City, even as its old enough that then-Colts quarterback Jim Harbaugh quarterbacked two more franchises and is now on his fifth different coaching job. The only way to wash away those raw emotions is by winning a playoff game, but, well, Elvis Grbac and Peyton Manning and Greg Robinson and Scott Pioli have only made the feelings intensify. Whats more frustrating, these are good kickers missing these kicks. Stenerud is the only pure kicker in the Hall of Fame. The others all made between 78 and 83 percent of their regular-season kicks with the Chiefs (yes, even Elliott) but as a group they are below 50 percent since the Super Bowl win. Its enough to make someone believe in curses . Succops miss in San Diego didnt impact the Chiefs playoff seeding or opponent, of course. It mattered much more for the Chargers (who are in), the Steelers (who are out) and NFL (whose officials missed an illegal formation by the Chargers on the play) but none of that is an excuse for a kicker on a $14 million contract missing a 41-yard kick with a game on the line. None of that can sit well with a fan base thats grown to expect team and especially kicker to let them down in the playoffs. We have confidence in him, Toub said. Weve seen it in practice. He was thinking of the other kicks he had missed (this season) If you go back and look at the ones hes missed, he was right, left, right he needs to focus on this kick. Those other kicks are gone. Three years ago against Baltimore, Succop didnt attempt a field goal. In what figures to be a close game, that will almost certainly change Saturday in Indianapolis. And when it does, youll have to pardon Chiefs fans for expecting the worst. To reach Sam Mellinger, call 816-234-4365 , send email to or follow him at .
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Trend Micro Offers Five New Year's Cyber Resolutions for a Safer and Healthier Digital Life

31, 2013 /CNW/ - With Trend Micro cyber threat analysts predicting that individuals, businesses and governments will face a proliferation of sophisticated digital threats in 2014, New Years is the perfect time to choose a few simple resolutions to keep you and your personal information safe. "Unlike hitting the gym everyday, committing to lead a safer and healthier online life is among the simpler New Year's resolutions to keep. A few minutes of your time and the willingness to invest it in changing the way you protect valuable personal information is a good start to the New Year, " says Trend Micro Canada's Marketing Director George McTaggart. 1. Be threat conscious 2014 promises to be a banner year for hackers and cybercriminals. With more people taking their data online and engaging in social networks, you've got to stay on your toes to avoid the latest cyber threats. Start by learning the symptoms of a malware-infected computer and follow our tips for strong passwords to keep your data safe and secure. 2. Take better care of all mobile devices Even if your device does have security software on board, your activity on social networks may put you at risk. Be smart about your mobile check-ins , and consider this advice for securing your social sharing . 3. Clean up digital clutter With the web becoming the go-to place for shopping, sharing, and services, you may be leaving more than just a footprint in your browser history on various sites. Don't be a digital hoarder , and be aware of your privacy settings and what you are sharing on your social networks to keep from creating a digital trail for criminals to follow. 4. Be more pro-security Get proactive in protecting your devices and your data: learn how to protect your computer (whether its a MAC or PC), and consider security software foryou and your family. 5. Manage your passwords Don't reuse, reduce and recyclethose three R's are great for the environment but not for your digital safety. Once you have used a password, don't use it again. If cybercriminals get your password, they will have access to everything it unlocks. A PDF of "Blurring Boundaries: Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2014 and Beyond" can be downloaded at: . Trend Micro Incorporated a global leader in security software, rated number one in server security ( IDC , 2013), strives to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Trend Micro enables the smart protection of information, with innovative security technology that is simple to deploy and manage, and fits an evolving ecosystem. All of our solutions are powered by cloud-based global threat intelligence , the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure, and are supported by over 1,200 threat experts around the globe. For more information, visit . Information Technology
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